Self-Hypnosis Clears Acne


hypnosis for acneDon’t underestimate the power of visualization and self-hypnosis. Step-by-step instructions for self-hypnosis can be found here

The benefits of self-hypnosis is in the spotlight –

Lorac founder Carol Shaw, is crediting the practice with clearing up her cystic acne in only three sessions. “Every night and every morning I would do self-hypnosis‚Ķ I would just say, ‘The pimples are disappearing; I have beautiful clear skin. My skin is clear,” she claims. ” The only thing you have to do is visualize how you want to look.”

She makes it sound so easy, for SOME people when they use hypnosis, it’s that easy.

Article can be found at The Cut

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Have you or anyone you know used self-hypnosis successfully?

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