Kim Kardashian Chooses Hypnotherapy for Birth Anxiety


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Hypnotherapy in the News – Kim Kardashian Chooses Hypnotherapy for Birth Anxiety.

A coupe of weeks ago, on my Hypnosis Tarzana Facebook page, someone left a long statement on the evils of hypnosis. Here is an excerpt:

Hi Adalia/Tarzana, long time! Hope all is fine and well. Please let me tell you the absolute truth about hypnosis: it is the practice of using the power of Satan to take over the mind of someone (as the latter ‘opens’ or ‘releases his/her mind (blank)) that satanic spirit entities takes over.

There will always be those who will continue to view hypnosis as hocus-pocus, mind control, or some other negative term. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Positive news about hypnotherapy 

The effectiveness of hypnosis was given the spotlight in mainstream media and popular culture. Earlier this month, on Mother’s Day, Kim Kardashian revealed that she was nervous and anxious about her impending motherhood. According to the latest media reports, Kim, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend rapper Kanye West, has sought the help of a hypnotherapist to manage her anxiety about giving birth.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fan or not of Kim Kardashian, she influences people and I am confident some of her fans (she has millions) who were on the fence about hypnosis/hypnotherapy will now embrace it. And that my friend is good for hypnotherapists and for the people who will experience the benefits from using it.

Read more about Kim Kardashian using hypnotherapy for birth anxiety here

Your turn

How do you feel about hypnotherapy?

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