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Hypnosis for Childbirth

I grew up in a culture where women gave birth naturally. When I had my four children there were no other options on my radar.

At the hospital giving birth to my first child, my husband was amazed that I wasn’t screaming. I had developed a habit of focusing on my breathing and disconnecting from any pain in my body.

When people asked how I accomplished this, I would tell them I have a high threshold for pain. I didn’t know I was using self-hypnosis.

Most mothers accept that giving birth is painful because of  the stories they hear from other moms, media, movies and the written word.

The anticipation of a painful birth leads to the fear of an unavoidable experience. On birth day, the fear activates the fight or flight mechanism. This creates stress in the body. The stress hinders the natural flow of  giving birth. The hindering of the natural flow brings on pain, not the birthing process itself.

One cannot experience stress and calm at the same time.

You can use self-hypnosis or a hypnotherapist to create a calm and relaxed state while giving birth. No fear, no stress, no stress, no pain.

Hypnobirth and other such terms

Some hypnotherapist specialize in helping parents with the birthing process. You can identify them by these terms “HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method,” “Hypnobabies,” “The Leclaire Hypnobirthing Method,” and “Hypbirth.”- but they all have at their foundation self-hypnosis.

Which brings me to today’s “hypnosis in the news” topic. Enjoy and share your thoughts.

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is in the spotlight – HypnoBirthing

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The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are rapidly approaching the due date where they will meet their adorable prince or princess. Now, reports suggest that Kate is planning on hypnotherapy as her birthing plan.

New York Daily News reports that the Duchess has looked into a variety of birthing options which follow her decision for a natural birthing plan, and hypnotherapy seems to be a proper fit. Continue reading

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