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hypnosis for memoryIt has been proven that hypnosis can be used to enhance your memory, but there is much controversy as to whether or not lost memory recalled by the use of hypnosis is always accurate.

Most courts will not allow evidence or testimony obtained under hypnosis. In 2007 the Supreme Court in Ottawa banned this practice after allowing it for 30 years. They ruled that hypnosis is not scientifically reliable enough to allow it in a court of law.”More about this ruling

Dr. Joseph Green, a professor of psychology at Ohio State, co-authored a study using hypnosis with 40 students, had this to say after the study, “There’s a cultural expectation that hypnosis will lead to more accurate and earlier memories, but that’s not true.”More about his study

Personally, I have used hypnosis to help memory recall with clients, friends and family. This is a shared family experience – one night (when my children were younger) we were getting ready to go out for dinner, my son #2 misplaced the keys, we looked high and low but could not find the keys, I told him I was going to use hypnosis to help him remember where the keys were, a few minutes later he told us exactly where to find the keys.

We ran with excitement, his siblings did not believe him; they were shocked (I wasn’t) when we found the keys.

Hypnosis in the news

This brings me to http://www.hypnosistarzana.com/category/hypnosis-news/ latest story about Janet Holt an English woman  who shot a man 30 years ago because he had raped her. She remembered the event after using hypnotherapy. More of her story

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What do you think of hypnosis and memory recall? Do you believe the memories from using hypnosis are real?  Should the courts accept testimony and evidence obtained by hypnosis?

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